Earning Your Trust with a Smile.


“Good guy, fine dentist, friendly staff. As good as it gets when you visit the dentist.”

Mary and Marc

“Mangum dental has a staff that genuinely cares for their patients and their healing. The staff is very friendly and everyone knows how to care for patients and their needs.”

Jaran H.

“Never in my life have I enjoyed going to the dentist until now. Fun, friendly and fast is the best way I can describe these visits. I am so grateful that a neighbor recommended Mangum Dental when we moved here four years ago. We have an adult daughter, who has Down Syndrome and is not the easiest patient to work with. But, the staff at Mangum Dental has the golden touch with her and all their patients.”

Mia S.

“The Whole staff were great at explaining what was going to happen. They were quick and careful and through out it all, got a great sense of safety and professionalism.”

Lehi O.

“At 1220 I rescheduled. I was on lunch break, and it was obvious I wouldn’t make it back in time.”

Matt S.

“I was not a patient of this practice but I called during the holiday break with a horrific toothache. They got me in the same day and Dr. Ransdell’s first priority was to get me out of pain. He is truly a wonderful and caring dentist. I will definitely go back and refer all my friends to them.”

Kerry R.

“My husband, Mark, who is a Veteran, had a tooth pulled today and a complete evaluation. He reports the entire staff at Magnum Dental is friendly and highly competent. He recommends Dr. Magnum and his staff highly”

Sandra B.

“Did you ever wonder where dentists go when they need dental work?I see Brett Mangum at Mangum Dental (Yes….dentists need dental work too!).Not only is he a great dentist, who is very detail oriented….but he is the most caring, personable, and one of the nicest individuals I have ever met.I can give you my unqualified recommendation to see Dr. Brett Mangum when it’s time to see the dentist!Behind every great dentist is a great staff. His staff is one of the best I have ever seen in 35 years of doing dentistry. If I ever decided to come out of retirement…..I would want to work at Mangum Dental!”


“Dr. Brett Mangum is tops. Excellent bedside manner, professional and courteous. I didn’t think this type of professional existed anymore. Staff is tops. Office is warm and inviting. Highly recommend.”

Eric E.

“Thank you Dr. Mangum and staff. Service was extremely helpful. I appreciate the doctor working within my budget while giving me excellent care.”

Jared C.

“The staff is really friendly and so is Dr. Mangum! I was really scared to get the numbing shot before he began my filling and he went really slow and comforted me so I didn’t panic. This is a really great office. ”

Sierra S.

“I have always taken good care of my teeth so I have seen many dentists in my 64 years. My periodontist just retired so I was looking for a new dentist. I went to the Mangum practice because of a recommendation of a good friend. I was very happy with the doctor and staff. I will be continuing to visit the Mangum clinic.”

Caryl S.

“very professional but yet also caring and warm with straight forward explanations of dental plan”

Curtis B.

“Highly recommend this office and staff”

Trey M.

“I am 29 weeks pregnant, my root canal had gone infected and without exaggeration i did not sleep even a minute that whole night, we just moved here from Texas and i don’t know any dentist in town, so i browse online and tried to fill up application and submitted appointments for next day, in so much deep pain i feltlike im already in labor…then i found Dr. Brett Mangum clinic online and their office hour that day which is friday starts at 7am….exactly 6:57 on my clock i just tried to dial, Ms. Valerie answered the call and i discuss my situation, she did accommodate me and put me in to 9am same day, since i have to travel 47mins to go down prescott….thank God for such a nice people like them, Ms. Johanna and Dr. Brett Mangum took care of me very well.Dr. Mangum discussed to me my options and thank God same day my pain is gone. He even follow up on me on weekend to check how am i doing. Highly reccommended dental clinic!”

Jennifer D.

“Absolutely a great experience. No waiting, very high quality care, a kind and thoughtful dentist, and friendly and competent staff. What more could you want?”

Matthew H.

“My vist was very plesant and the Hygenist infomative, gentle and professional. Over all experience I would give a 5 for being excellent.”

Barb P.

“By far the best dentist we’ve ever been to. Always very helpful and very knowledgeable.”

Jason F.

“The level of care and attention at the office is impressive. The facilities are very good and the people are knowledgeable and always friendly.”

David H.

“Everyone there is great and I will certainly refer freinds and family members. We are new to the area and after 25 years with the same dentist, it was scary to make a change. You came highly reccomended by a co-worker and I am thrilled with this office, your service and staff!”

Judith H.

“Friendly, fast, flexible, caring, personal, gently, and an overall nice dental experience. I would recommend this office over any other in Prescott *****”

Regan R.

“I had on time great service.”

Magon H.

“I just had a check up and a cleaning. My dental tech. was great.”

Danny F.

“The experience was great but I hate going to any dentist. Four stars is the top of my chart!”

Linda C.

“Pleasant environment. Everybody in office is very cordial and calls you by name. Procedures and options are thoroughly explained before proceeding.”

Duane H.

“I would recommend this practice to anyone!”

Shannon G.

“I was in Prescott for a short visit. Dr. Brett and his team went above and beyond to schedule appointments for me and complete my dental work in less than a week. Kudos to Dr. Brett and his entire staff. This is absolutely the most positive experience I’ve ever had at a dental office!”

Linda W.

“I rate Dr.Mangum dentist office as a 5. I’ve been going to this office since 1995 and recommend them to everyone I meet.”

Tamara P.

“I don’t think I understanding this rate and review section of the survey”

Virginia P.

“Always a pleasant experience!”

Jerry H.

“Very personal service, Dr. Brett takes time to explain things to you, reasonably priced and they take Care Credit. Highly recommended”

D B.

“I couldn’t be happier with this business. I have been searching for a good affordable dentist for a couple years up here and today I found him! The staff is wonderful, professional and kind. The dentist is amazing and worked with me for a long time to make sure my treatment will be the best I can get for my budget. I am excited to go to the dentist! wow”

Kim L.

“Dr Mangum is a kind, thoughtful and friendly dentist. His work is very good. He even called me on a Friday evening after implant procedure to see how I was doing. That blew me away- the consideration. He’s also great with kids. I was in the waiting room while he was giving care to a young child. He was very calm and reassuring.”

Pierre & Gloria C.

“Professional office. I look forward to my next visit.”

Shirley M.

“Wonderful service. Little pain. Cheerful staff. Could not ask for a better experience!”

Jeaniece E.

“The best dental team, ever. I’m so very glad to be their patient. All my dental needs are taken care of professionally and without pain.”

Luann B.

“Both of my needs and wants were met by the practice. Doctors and staff are friendly and professional. Excellent care was given to my mouth. And I have great confidence in their abilities. Would recommend In a heartbeat. Feel very good about my Care”

Dustin C.

“Mangum Dental will put you at ease with their quality work and unfeigned sincerity, in a warm and welcoming environment. I had two teeth pulled. The procedure was quick and painless. They worked with my budget and even followed up with me the next day to see how I was doing. Mangum Dental sets the bar for oral health care providers. ”

Sarah B.

“Everyone in this office is amazing I’ve never had such a good experience with a dentist. They provide tons of useful information, listen to you, address your concerns, and do a fantastic job with the cleanings, I actually didn’t leave in pain. The dentist takes time to sit with you and does not rush you out or treat you like you’re part of a mill. Can’t say enough nice things about this office”

Justin D.

“My husband had a cracked tooth and they got us in same day. The dentist was kind and amazing. My husband is a big baby when it comes to dentists and he was amazing with him. Please go there. ”

Brianna H.

“Brett Mangum straightened my teeth with braces more than a year ago for a price that was less than competitors. After removing the braces, the retainer was having difficulty maintaining the correct position of two teeth, but Brett fabricated special retainers without charge to press the teeth back into alignment. I’m thoroughly satisfied with the results. My wife and I have been pleased with cleanings and fillings, too.”

Jim W.

“Excellent staff and care. Very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.”

Nikkolls S.

“They’re awesome. They make you feel comfortable, and are very welcoming and knowledgable.”

Keri M.


Mark N.

“I give my experience in your office a 5”

Nelly K.

“The Hygienist did such a great job! Great Dr.s and office staff!”

Brianna W.

“I had an emergency! I had broken a moler in half. I am new to Prescott and didn’t have a dentist yet. I was referred by my sister to the Mangum office. They got me in right away and were able to save and fix the tooth. I am very grateful to have gotten such great service from a warm and caring staff. Thank you”

Sandra R.

“The Whole staff were great at explaining what was going to happen. They were quick and careful and through out it all, got a great sense of safety and professionalism.”

Lehi O.

“You took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. Made sure I would not feel anything. You made me feel very comfortable thank you.”

Rebecca A.

“I had a preconception that my dental work was going to be less complicated. My Dentist explained my problem to me in a way I could understand. I am aware of what needs to be done and more importantly why. I have no anxiety in returning for the work to be started and then completed. I feel confident that I am in good hands.”

Garry S.

“Everyone at Mangum Dental is amazing! They are very thorough, very nice, and make sure you understand everything going on. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great dentist. It had been 24 years since I saw a dentist, and the staff made me feel at ease and glad I came in, and I look forward to going back.”

Brandi S.

“I was very impressed with how quickly I was able to be seen do to the nature of my problem. I was also very happy that you wre able to take care of my proble in a single visit and did not try to get me to schedule other work imeadiately.”

Bryan K.

“I am deathly afraid of needles, especially ones that go in the mouth. Your staff, and the environment, did a good job of relieving my anxiety that I forgot to even mention it. Very good at what you do, before you even do it!”

Can S.

“I have refered both of my daughters to your office so I must think that you are great. I also made a thank you gift because of the care they were given.”

Diane H.

“Thanks for all your attention to detail.”

Sally S.

“I was amazed at how welcome and right at home the staff made me feel. And Dr. Brett Mangam was so informative and pleasant. I wish I could have been privilaged to have him for my dentist, years ago.”

Mildred K.

“Great., warm and friendly. Also so knowledgable. Excellent Excellent.”

Joe F.

“I went there with a chunk out of my tooth, I had never been there before. they got me in the same day with no hassle at all, and fixed everything very quickly”

John W.

“The entire staff was o; outstanding and friendly. They were very efficient in taking care of my dental need.”

Richard M.

“Greeted with a happy smile. dosent make u feel rushed.”

Shannon W.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat patient care.”

Robert H.

“Wonderful dentist and professional staff. Thorough, informative and comfortable exams and interventions.”

Greg S.

“Outstanding service! I was at work when a bad molar gave way, I was in excruciating pain. Mangum got me in on an emergency basis and took care of me. They did a temporary root canal, followed by a permanent one and even let me make payments, thank you so much!”

Joe D.

“After fearing a dentist for 45 years, Dr. Mangum made my dental experience delightful! He and his staff made me feel at ease throughout the procedures that I have received and is not afraid to discuss a service plan that will work with your insurance and your own budget. They can count on seeing me more often and I will definitely refer others to them.”

Gary P.

“My vist was very plesant and the Hygenist infomative, gentle and professional. Over all experience I would give a 5 for being excellent.”

Barb P.

“By far the best dentist we’ve ever been to. Always very helpful and very knowledgeable.”

Jason F.

“Very pleased with your office. Now hopefully our Delta Dental Ins. kicks in this time.”

Susan A.

“If anyone out there is having trouble deciding which dentist office to go to,,, look no further. Magnum Dental is very professional, yet friendly and I am very happy that I found this office. I had an emergency (twice) and they got me right in both times. I have a cleaning scheduled next, and once again, so happy I found this office. Thank you for your kindness and services.”

Jill C.

“Friendly, competent staff. Both doctors are wonderful. I like the text message appointment reminders.”

Amalia R.

“I absolutely LOVE Mangum Dental! I have been a client here for two years, got braces, wisdom teeth removed, and multiple cleanings and never leave unhappy. Such a friendly staff, including Dr.Mangum and Dr. Randal!”

Rachel A.

“Thank you Dr. Mangum and staff. Service was extremely helpful. I appreciate the doctor working within my budget while giving me excellent care.”

Vicki G.

“After very negative experience with another local dentistry Mangum was everything I had hoped for.The staff was polite, kind, professional and personable. Dr. J. Brett Mangum was a dentist who did what was best for me and he was confident and made me feel very comfortable. I was charged a very fare price (discount). I will go back to Dr.J.Brett Mangum as well as relate to others what a good dental office to visit with kind staff and a professional and knowledgeable dentist. Thank you so much for taking care of me today.”

Victoria V.

“Staff personally recognizes customers by name in a friendly atmosphere. Great service as well.”

Michael L.

“I would say add a t.v for the waiting area but I arrived 30 minutes early. I filled out some paper work and very soon was seen, way before my appointment, which I was very grateful for. I didn’t even have to get up to sign paperwork, the front desk guy brought the paper work. Which I never experience before…way cool”

Bradley C.

“Encountering this business was pleasant, fiendly and very informative. Rating on my behave would be a deinite five.”

Willard S.

“I’ve been with you for over twenty years and have always received excellent care. I appreciate your friendliness and concern for my well being. I have told many others how well you have taken care of me.”

Paul R.

“I have received prompt,courteous,and quality dental service at Mangum Dental for over 30 years.”

Justin M.

“Professional office. I look forward to my next visit.”

Shirley M.

“Wonderful service. Little pain. Cheerful staff. Could not ask for a better experience!”

Jeaniece E.

“I would definately give your office a 5 Star rating. I especially appreciate Dr Mangum taking time to make a reasonable plan to help me get my smile back. Sincerely, Rosemarie Shipp”

Rosemarie S.

“Excellent, highly recommend to anyone.”

Jo D.

“I found out that another local dentist had given me some incorrect info on my overall situation at this moment and did not give me options. Dr. Mangum had options for me to choose from.”

Melinda N.


Emma P.

“Got an appointment right away for a broken tooth. they took care of the tooth with no pain and great professionalism. Friendly office and Dr. Brett very knowledgeable. I am recommending Dr. Brett to my friends moving to Prescott.”

Ellen H.

“Felt at ease, my options were explained in a manner I could understand and was greatful with the help provided with payment plan”

Sandra W.

“If 5 is the maximum rating that I can give Mangum Dental can I use someone elses ratings as well? I found his demeanor as well as the staffs highly professional and very relaxing for the sensitivity of the work that they perform. I overheard Dr. Bretts’ conversation in the adjoining room with a paitent and found him to be very personable and somewhat humorous.”

Jon L.

“Had a great visit, check-up and cleaning. Very friendly/professional staff.”

Sara H.

“Hoping future visits aren’t as painfull.”

Arthur G.

“I LOVE MANGUM DENTAL! Dr. Brett is an exceptional dentist and is very caring and compassionate. I also love his entire staff. Valerie is so kind and always friendly. I highly recommend Mangum Dental.”

Carol R.

“Gail and Dr. Brett were wonderful with my little 4-year-old! His first teeth cleaning was fun and easy. I was very impressed! I can always depend on Mangum Dental for top-quality service.”

Rachel J.

“I felt comfortable and well-informed as my wisdom teeth were removed. The removal was much faster than I expected, and recovery was good too. My cheeks didn’t even swell up! Both Dr. Richard Mangum and the assistant were very accommodating; she even took a few pictures for me like I requested. I recommend this dentist!”

Travis M.

“I had always hated going to the dentis in the past. Not so much now.”

Shanon D.

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