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August 2017 Mangum Dental Hike-of-the-Month

Sundog Trail

Distance: 4.84 miles

Difficulty: Moderate, good trail

Elevation: 5174′ to 5688′ (Total Elevation Gain 1146′)

Parking: Shared Parking with Peavine Trailhead, $2 fee with restrooms or park on Sundog Ranch Road for no fee.

Directions:  The trailhead is across from the humane society near the corner of Sundog Ranch Road and Prescott Lakes Parkway.  From downtown Prescott, travel East on Gurley Street for 1.2 miles and merge onto Highway 89 and travel an additional 2.4 miles to the intersection of Prescott Lakes Parkway.  Turn right on the Parkway and then left on Sundog Ranch Road.  There are a few no fee parking spots at the side of the road when the trail crosses Sundog Ranch Road to the south.  To find the free parking travel south on Sundog Ranch Road from Prescott Lakes Parkway and look for the trail on the left after the sewage treatment plant.

The Sundog Trail is part of Prescott’s 54-mile Circle Trail.  It connects the Peavine Trail to the North with the Badger Mountain Trail to the South. (See Mangum Dental’s Hike-of-the-Month August 2017 and February 2017 respectively).  The Sundog Trail can be traveled from either direction, however this article will detail the north to south route.

Begin at the Peavine Trail Parking lot and take the trail that traverses under Prescott Lakes Parkway, north along the Watson Woods Riparian Preserve. After a short distance, the trail crosses Sundog Ranch Road while ascending to the top of the old Prescott Landfill.  The trail then descends to a point very near the Juvenile Justice Center before climbing to another hill peaking at the 3-mile mark.  The trail winds, decreasing in elevation until the final climb.  The elevation at the top of the hill is 5,688 feet and overlooks Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.  The trail ends as it goes under Highway 69.  The well-marked trail possesses beautiful views of both Granite Mountain as well as Thumb Butte.  There is significant exposure and little shade.  Keep a lookout for deer that often roam this area close to town.

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