Meet the Team

Dr. J. Brett Mangum

Dr. J. Brett Mangum – Dentist

Dr. J. Brett Mangum is a dentist known for his ability to provide exceptional dental care to his patients. As a general dentist, he has acquired the expertise required to offer a wide variety of services while tailoring treatment to the patients needs and desires. His focus has always been centered on providing outstanding and compassionate service.

His slogan "earning your trust with a smile" communicates clearly his desire to interact with his patients with honesty and integrity while giving them an attractive smile. His personal and business philosophy focuses on the principle that honesty matters most and that integrity is irreplaceable.

His dental accomplishments include a DDS degree from the University of Michigan, a residency certificate in General Dentistry, active duty Navy service, and a deployment to Iraq as officer in charge of a mobile dental team. In 2006, Dr. Mangum traveled to Cambodia and volunteered as a guest lecturer at the dental school in Phnom Phen, Cambodia.

When not "down in the mouth," Brett spends his extra time with his wife and four children, serves in ecclesiastical duties, and works as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts. He also enjoys riding horseback, hiking, playing basketball, and working in the yard.

Dr. James M. Ransdell

Dr. James M. Ransdell – Dentist

Dr. Ransdell is a graduate of Marquette University School of Dentistry and has been practicing dentistry in Arizona for 9 years. He is an experienced dentist with a gentle touch. He a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and Spear Education Faculty Club. His professional accomplishments include Pacific Dental Services President’s Club 2012 and Nobel Biocare prosthetic and surgical certificate.

Dr. Ransdell and his beautiful wife Kristin, are raising 5 boys. He is a family man who enjoys mountain biking, off- Road motorcycling, and reading all types of literature. Dr. Ransdell is a fun-loving guy who makes everyone feel welcome around him. We are excited to bring his energy, experienced dental skills, and professionalism to Mangum Dental.


Gayle – Dental Hygienist

Gayle has over twenty five years of working experience in the dental field - mostly as a dental hygienist. She is originally from Ossian, Indiana and from Snohomish, Washington. While in Indiana, Gayle attended Indiana University where she earned a degree in Dental Hygiene. Her passion for dental hygiene allows her to meet new people and to build relationships by helping them understand their dental needs. In addition to working as a hygienist, Gayle enjoys hiking, kayaking, and going to the beach with her husband and her Goldendoodle.


Helen – Dental Assistant

Although Helen is originally from California, she has called Prescott, Arizona home since 1978. She has been a Dental Assistant at Mangum Dental for over twenty years, with more than thirty five years in the dental field. Her motivation for working as a dental assistant is that it allows her the opportunity to serve those around her. Besides working for Mangum Dental, Helen loves being in the outdoors. She enjoys camping, white water rafting, hiking, and traveling in general. In addition to the outdoors, Helen enjoys cross stitching, sewing, photography, reading, and spending time with her family.


Valerie – Office Manager

Valerie, originally from Tucson, Arizona, has been working in the dental field for more than twelve years. She finds immense satisfaction in being a part of helping individuals meet their personal and dental needs. She says that "we can brighten a person's life by making them feel accepted just by greeting them by their names." While working as the Office Receptionist, Valerie has noted that Mangum Dental offers patients exceptional personal treatment. She says that "the doctors listen to each patient and cater to each individuals needs." In her spare time, Valerie enjoys dancing, quilting, and photography.


Jaimy – Dental Hygienist

Originally from Valparaiso, Indiana, Jaimy currently lives and works in the Prescott area. She has over fifteen years of experience working in the dental field. Jaimy enjoys being a part of helping people to build confidence through healthy smiles. She says that "no one should ever have to hold back a laugh or a smile because they are insecure about the way their teeth look." In addition to dental hygiene, Jaimy has a passion for animals and outdoor activities. She especially enjoys hiking, biking, and boating.


Rebecca – Dental Hygienist

Rebecca first joined Dr. Brett Mangum's Bagdad practice six years ago, but now splits her time working for both Bagdad Dental and Mangum Dental. Rebecca is originally from upstate New York, but has called Arizona home for the last decade. She loves the many facets that the dental field has to offer, but she mostly values the opportunity to build relationships of trust with patients. In addition to working, Rebecca spends her spare time cooking, reading, hiking, and spending time with her family.


Joanna – Dental Hygienist

Joanna, originally from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, has been involved in the dental field for just over three years. She likes working with patients and helping them with their individual dental hygiene needs. She also enjoys being part of a team that offers patients tailored treatment plans that include an evidence-based dental care approach. When Joanna isn't working, she enjoys fly fishing, singing, cooking, and spending time with her family.


Kayla – Dental Assistant

Originally from Winnemucca, Nevada, Kayla now calls Bagdad, Arizona home. She has been involved in the dental field for the last two years and enjoys meeting new people everyday. Additionally, her job allows her the opportunity of watching people's smiles become more beautiful and confident. When not at work in the dental office, Kayla enjoys her volunteer work as a Little League Cheerleading coach. She also likes being outdoors where she enjoys fishing, camping, hunting, and boating.